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App Folders with Badges

Excited to have the better-than-Android App Library but it does not have badges That is why I still use my old practice of having alphabetical folder for badges

Monitoring Identity Columns for Room To Grow

My friend pointed out an interesting RCA by Github where a database table’s auto-incrementing ID column exceeded . When we attempted to insert larger… Monitoring Identity Columns for Room To Grow

Spotify or Apple Music?

Spotify is a digital platform that allows users to stream music and podcasts for either a paid subscription fee per month or they can access it for … Spotify or Apple Music?

New Settings in iOS 14

What is new? #1 Settings > Chrome > “Default Browser App” Update Chrome if you don’t see the option#2 Settings > Photos > Disable “Hidden Album”#3 Settings > Bluetooth > “Spacial Audio” for Air Pod Pro Settings > “Follow iPhone”#4 Stetting > Instagram > location > Disable “Precise Location”#5 Settings > “Control Center” > EnableContinue reading “New Settings in iOS 14”

Fast WiFi by Converting Google Mesh Points to Access Points (AP)

When I was using Google WiFi as standard mesh setup, I was getting much less than 100 Mbps. After connecting those Google Mesh Points to a network switch, the speed doubled and tripled. Cox > Cable Modem > Google Router > Switch > Google Points > Device

Fast WiFi by Connecting Google Router to Switch

My desktop was using wifi to get internet and getting follow speed with Google wifi Mesh (1st generation) After connecting Google WiFi to a switch, I was able to get following speed Cox > Cable Modem > Google Router > Switch > Device

Stock Market 2020-09-15

The market is doing very well yesterday. However, would there be another tiny correction?

Access Point

When an ‘Access Point’ is connected to PoE (Power Over Ethernet) bridge, it can provide professional, reliable and fast wireless connections to the area. Professional: The device can be powered by one cable, by the PoE (Power over Ethernet) cable.Reliable: Wireless connection will be less interfered with walls and signalsFast: Faster than mesh or extendersContinue reading “Access Point”

Introduce Myself

Why do this? I would like to share knowledge and summarize wisdom in the cloud of the internet. I found myself putting pieces of information together in the cloud and it is very time consuming I would share various topics not limited to but such as technology, stock trading, philosophy, photograph and more I wouldContinue reading “Introduce Myself”

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