New Settings in iOS 14

What is new? #1 Settings > Chrome > “Default Browser App” Update Chrome if you don’t see the option#2 Settings > Photos > Disable “Hidden Album”#3 Settings > Bluetooth > “Spacial Audio” for Air Pod Pro Settings > “Follow iPhone”#4 Stetting > Instagram > location > Disable “Precise Location”#5 Settings > “Control Center” > EnableContinue reading “New Settings in iOS 14”

Fast WiFi by Converting Google Mesh Points to Access Points (AP)

When I was using Google WiFi as standard mesh setup, I was getting much less than 100 Mbps. After connecting those Google Mesh Points to a network switch, the speed doubled and tripled. Cox > Cable Modem > Google Router > Switch > Google Points > Device

Access Point

When an ‘Access Point’ is connected to PoE (Power Over Ethernet) bridge, it can provide professional, reliable and fast wireless connections to the area. Professional: The device can be powered by one cable, by the PoE (Power over Ethernet) cable.Reliable: Wireless connection will be less interfered with walls and signalsFast: Faster than mesh or extendersContinue reading “Access Point”